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You are probably wondering, "What does this person know that I do not already know?" Well, let me tell you a few things that might surprise you about kids and birthday parties. Did you know that your child wants you to be the coolest parent in the world? Did you know your child wants to be known as the kid with the coolest parent that throws the best birthday parties ever?

Did you know that a fantastic birthday party does not have to cost as much as you think and that same low-cost birthday party will put your child in the glowing light and envy of all his or her friends? How? Because you would have read this book, "The Secrets to Planning Your Fun, Memorable, and Stress-Free Birthday Party."

In this guide, you will learn all the tricks of the trade to pull off a successful birthday party where everyone leaves happy, as well as many ways to keep your wallet in check. You will learn ways to compromise with the birthday child while staying well within your budget and so much more!

You will be provided with sample party themes of all age groups, games and activities for all age groups, party favor ideas that will impress your child's peers, food ideas that will surprise you, and still more! Still a bit skeptical? That's understandable; you don't know if what I say really is in this fantastic book, but I guarantee you it is along with so much more!

When it comes to planning birthday parties, there is no need to get flustered over all that needs to be done. The organization of it all, the invitations, party theme, decorations, food, gifts, cake, location, and all of the other things that need looking after can be a breeze. "The Secrets to Planning Your Fun, Memorable, and Stress-Free Birthday Party" will reveal great knowledge, based on nearly three decades of experience, that will solve all your kids' birthday party dilemmas. It practically does the work for you!

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Organization is imperative in delivering a fantastic birthday party. Without it, the results can be less then pleasant. There is a ton of planning to do to pull off the best birthday party ever.

Trying not to get stressed out can lead to questions like "How early should I start planning?" or "You want to invite how many kids?" and "And how exactly do you expect me to pull off that kind of party?" These questions and hundreds of other problems are solved through this guide. You will find concrete answers that work 100% of the time.


The Complete Guide To Planning
Kids Birthday
Parties Is Finally Here!

Everyone wants their children to have fantastic birthday parties and be able to carry those memories with them forever. "The Secrets to Planning Your Fun, Memorable, and Stress-Free Birthday Party" will give you all the tools you need to accomplish this plus more. Anyone who loves a child will find great value in this book. It makes a great present for an expectant mother or anyone who does any planning for children's birthday parties.

But even better, this book can be easily used in planning for any kind of children's party, like Valentine's Day, Halloween, Easter, slumber parties, summer pool parties ... whatever the occasion! These useful tips and guidelines will make party planning something you will look forward to, rather then dread.

Birthday party planning made

Included, you will get simple-to-follow lists that will help you:

1) Stay on track!

Included is a great time-lined checklist telling you exactly the best time to send out invitations, order or bake the cake, buy décor online, set up games, best party times, and much more.

2) Remember it all!

Also included is a BEST Birthday Party Ever shopping list that will help ensure that, come the day of the big event, nothing will have been overlooked.

Here is what you will learn inside this guide ...

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I guess that is kind of a silly question; "How much is that worth to you?" is kind of like asking how much is your child worth to you or how much do you like to save money. I am sure the answer to both of them would be "priceless." $12.97 compared to "priceless" is a drop in the bucket. And in reality, that $12.97 (plus shipping) will pay itself back the first time you put all the valuable information inside the book to use at the first birthday party you throw.

I am sure there are fancier books out there on the market with big colorful pictures of lavish-looking cakes between the pages, however the information you will get inside of "The Secrets to Planning Your Fun, Memorable, and Stress-Free Birthday Party" is practical information that anyone can use.

This guide is just the thing for anyone who wants to be able to throw a fantastic birthday party for a child, not go broke doing so, and make that day the most special day of the child’s life. How much is that worth to you? I know: "Priceless."

I am going to leave you with just two questions.

1. How much did you spend to pull off your child's last birthday party including food, decorations, party favors, games, activities, location, and everything else that was involved? $300.00, $400.00, $500.00, MORE???

2. Now, what if you could throw the best birthday party ever for a small fraction of that cost? Would that be worth about $13.00?


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P.S. You want to give your child the best birthday party ever. When I told you I could guarantee that the secrets and tips revealed in this book will achieve just that for you at very little cost I wasn’t kidding. I am talking being able to throw a fantastic birthday party often for less than $100.00! That much could easily be spent on the cake and party favors alone if one isn't careful. What do you have to lose? Think of all that you could gain!